Hearing Aid Testimonials

Listen to how hearing aids have improved some of our patients daily lives.


“I like the attention that I get and I generally feel that I am much more in control when I’ve had her teach me how to do it. I highly recommend it!”


“I used to have say ‘What did you say?’ I don’t have to say that anymore, and I am so happy!”

It’s Time To Reclaim Your Hearing Honolulu

Enjoy high-end personalized hearing solutions with the latest digital technology for every budget and every hearing loss.
  • Increased Clarity, Less Mumbling
  • Understand your Loved Ones
  • Hear in Church
  • Hear on the Phone
  • Understand Grandchildren
  • Hear in Restaurants

Hawaii In-Home Hearing Consultations

Call 800-346-4112 if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms

  • People sound like they are mumbling
  • Hard to understand conversations w/background noise
  • Often asking people to repeat what they say
  • Talking on the phone can be difficult at times
  • Trouble hearing in church
  • Family complaining the TV is too loud
If you answered yes to any of the symptoms above, give us a call to see if it’s just wax or a hearing loss.

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