Signia Siemens Hearing Aids

Signia History

Buy Signia Siemens Hearing Aids OnlineBuilt on 140 years of experience, Siemens launched their Signia hearing aids in 2016 and have experienced a meteoric rise to one of the top 3 hearing aid brands globally. The first hearing instrument was invented by Werner Von Siemens in 1878. From 1900 to 1920, Siemens expanded hearing aid prototype activities in Berlin and improved upon their initial prototype for 3 decades. In 1959, Siemens launched the first hearing aid produced in Germany – known as the Auriculette. Today, the Auriculette is termed as a Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid. In 1966, Siemens produced the Siretta 399 – the world’s first In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aid.
Finally, in the 1990s, Siemens developed the world’s first digital hearing aid – Prisma. Almost two decades later, in 2016, Siemens proudly presented the Signia hearing aids which featured revolutionary functionalities such as inductive rechargeability and wireless technology. Most recently last year, Siemens introduced Styletto – the world’s first Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid which boasts the most natural own voice.

Overview of Signia Hearing Aids

Siemens boasts an impressive range of Signia hearing aids which are designed for various needs and budgets. Of these, the Signia Silk CIC, Signia Charge and Go NX and Signia Cellion 2PX are featured for their functionalities. The core technology and state-of-the-art features represent the best that Siemens hearing aids have to offer.
Signia hearing Aids
signia nx features and benefits

Signia Silk NX CIC

Signia Silk Nx CICThe Siemens Signia Silk NX CIC (Complete-in-Canal) hearing aids are unrivalled when it comes to discretion. These novel hearing aids are miniature, but packed with high-tech features to deliver an impressive hearing experience. They are also exceptionally comfortable as they come with silicone sleeves and can be adjusted for a custom fit. The Siemens Signia Silk 7NX CIC hearing aids boast the following features:

  • Wireless transmission of audio signals from one hearing aid to another for synchronised hearing. This also makes these hearing aids suitable for single-sided deafness
  • Microphone which focuses speech directly in front of the user and minimizes background noise
  • Vented silicone click sleeves to provide ventilation to the inner ears
  • Remote control functionality via an iOS/Android compatible mobile phone application
In order to deliver crystal clear sound, these state-of-the-art Siemens Signia Silk hearing aids are outfitted with software functionalities. The NX technology is characterized by a whopping 24 to 48 channels and 20 handles. This array of channels enables these hearing aids to have exclusive software functionalities:
  • Extended bandwidth for faster sound processing
  • Echo-shield to reduce reverberation in loud and spacious environments
  • 3 preset programs for high-definition music streaming
  • Windscreen to ensure optimal performance in windy environments
  • 7 adjustment steps for speech and noise management
  • Spatial speech focus for more precise distinction of words

Signia Silk CIC – $780

Buy Signia Siemens Hearing Aids OnlineFeaturing 16 channels, the Signia Silk CIC boasts noise reduction capabilities, directionality as well as sound amplification for optimal speech recognition. As these are custom hearing aids, they are fitted with customized moulds and adjustments to achieve performance and comfort. The Signia Silk CIC hearing aids also have an additive technological feature for sound smoothing, wind screening and tinnitus therapy.

Signia Charge and Go NX – $899

Buy Signia Siemens Hearing Aids OnlineFeaturing up to 48 channels, the Signia Charge and Go NX features top-of-the-line audiology enhancements such as binaural and narrow directionality, feedback cancellation, noise reduction and sound smoothing. It also has an in-built audiogram customizability and is controllable via a mobile phone application for ease of use. This programming is unlimited, meaning that these Signia hearing aids can be fit to your evolving hearing profile throughout their use.

Signia Cellion 2PX – $999

Buy Signia Siemens Hearing Aids OnlineThe Signia Cellion 2PX hearing aids have a built-in lithium-ion power cell which enable wireless charging. This feature ensures that users do not have to face the challenging task of opening the battery windows or charging batteries separately. This is because these Signia hearing aids come with an inductive charger which automatically charge the hearing aids wirelessly when they are placed within.
These Siemens hearing aids also feature the myControl mobile phone application for ease o use and have 16 channels which reduce background noise, provide sound directionality and amplify speech above extraneous environmental noises.
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